Interactive eLearning Systems

Give staff and clients the ability to access your training content online, especially video based learning.  Research shows that video based learning is far more effective than just having to read through a PDF manual or watch a PowerPoint presentation.

Provide video based learning for:

  • Staff inductions
  • Product reviews
  • Sales training
  • Online “pay-as-you-go” educational website for customers.

Video Frameworks provides a platform that utilises secure streaming media technology to deliver turn-key websites at a fraction of the cost to developing the same services in-house.

What Does Secure Streaming Media Technology Provide?

  • Protects your intellectual property by time coding and encrypting the URL to video files
  • Successfully delivering high quality video to the end-user, seamlessly and without delay.
  • Providing clients with the ability to track and measure their content
  • Access is available on all forms of technology platforms – PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone

“Achieving all this is no easy task, however, each of the requirements is top priority.

The Video Frameworks platform has taken several years to develop and many hundreds of man hours to fine tune and test.  It make full use of the latest HTML5 standard and is operating system independent.

ipad with online education site

Features Included:

  • Web based interface, works on any HTML5 web enabled device
  • Secure platform, media files cannot be:
    – directly accessed
    – linked to
    – embedded on other websites
    – emailed or downloaded
  • Various content options
    – Video files
    – Audio files (MP3)
    – Graphics
    – PowerPoint, Word and Excel files
    – PDF documents
  • User friendly and completely interactive
    – Collaboration and forum tools included
    – Online assessment and instant results
    – Allows users to be part of an online elearning community
  • Full featured customer acquisition back-end, as an added option, providing:
    – Customer management tools
    – Automagic email system
    – Credit card payment interface to all major payment gateways
    – Reporting
  • Build in Content Management System.

image of ipad, android, iphone and pc on VIdeo Frameworks site

Video Frameworks can help you deliver a tailored eLearning, online multimedia education and training system for a fraction of the cost of an in-house developed system.