Whether it be in the form of video, audio, documents or any other media and content, protecting your intellectual property is of the utmost importance.  Why let your content be copied, embedded, linked or shared by unauthorised users?  Unless you want it that way!

The Video Frameworks platform provides a secure environment for sharing your intellectual property with only authorised staff and customers, ensuring that you have total control over what is delivered, when and how; all with the look and brand that your business deserves; anywhere, any-time and all online directly from the “cloud”.

If it is Video On Demand or Audio On Demand, documents, eLearning, policies, procedures or any other content delivery, the Video Frameworks platform will provide you the power and flexibility to easily and securely distribute your media and content.  The platform has an inbuilt admin dashboard with a fully featured Content and Learning Management System to make the task of publishing content very easy and straight forward.