Why Video Frameworks?


Why use Video Frameworks to deliver your content? Simplicity and Flexibility! Offering a complete DIY or “we do it all for you” service, every budget can be met and every-size job can be delivered.

Secure video delivery is our speciality, however, the VFWstream technology platform can deliver any type of content and multimedia securely over the internet to any web enabled device.

Here are some of our top features:


Available Anytime 24/7

Your content is made available securely online via a web/internet browser interface.  Access can be through a secure log in , however, not mandatory or via Social Media and Facebook is also fully supported.


Global Leader In Content Delivery

All of your content is securely stored on Amazon S3 and delivered via Amazon CloudFront Web services. A global leader in online content services.


Security and Beyond

Access to your video or audio content is handled via “time coded”, encrypted URLs, meaning that video and audio files cannot be linked-to, embedded, emailed, downloaded or placed on other web sites. Any other content (such as documents, etc) are also securely handled to ensure delivery only to the authenticated user.


Collaboration Built Right In

Collaborations tools are built in for user comments, chat, feedback, information sharing, and online assessment and forms data entry.


Executive Reporting and Dashboarding

All content is fully tracked and usage can be easily reported via a customisable reporting interface configured to suite any client needs available to all content manager admins via the extensive dashboard.


No Flash? No Problems! Available Anywhere on Any Device

Access to your content is online via any current web browser on most operating systems, MS Windows, MAC OS, Linux, and most web enabled devices such as iPad, iPhone, PC, MAC and most other tablet and smartphones supporting HTML5 and Adobe Flash (if available) – VWFstream supports full HTML5 fall-back.


A Business Right Out Of The Box

Included in every installation of VFWstream is a full featured customer acquisition back-end, which can provide automated user signup, registration, payment gateway access and reporting.


Make Content Management a “Walk In The Park” – Easy!

Built in Content Management tools (CMS) give you full control of your content. All clients can easily make content changes after completing CMS training.


Learning Management Sorted

Built in Learning Management tools (LMS) allow you to deliver courses online. The built in LMS supports the latest standard of Tin Can API (also known as the Experience API), which is a brand new specification for learning technology.